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NOTE: If you have something needing service, please bring it in. We cannot diagnose and give accurate

estimates over the phone. Labor on most jobs is between $79.95 - $199.95. Parts extra, as needed. 

Turnaround on most jobs can be a few days to a few weeks, depending on the job and our workload.




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Our Tune-up/Full Service is like a 100,000 mile service on your car. We will bring your equipment back to top operating condition and perform certain minor repairs as part of this service. Many players report that after our service their gear works better than it ever had, even brand-new.  Treat yourself to the best you've ever had!

Amplifier Tune-up/Full Service


Includes thorough maintenance, cleaning, checking, lubricating, adjusting & setting all electronic components & functions. Includes labor to replace minor components such as resistors/capacitors. Test with both bench test equipment and by ear at normal playing levels. Minor cleanup of exterior cabinet material, tighten and secure loose screws, baffles, panels, grilles, etc. at our discretion.      (back to Top)

Tube Amplifier Tune-up/Full Service

Includes all the above plus check & set operating voltages including bias, filament heater, B+ and negative feedback, where applicable. Check tube output and function via oscilloscope while they are running in your amp. Re-tension tube pin sockets. Does NOT include tubes.    (back to Top)

 Stringed Instrument Setup/Full Service  

Includes top-to-bottom maintenance, cleaning, checking, lubricating, adjusting & setting all components & functions. Action & intonation set according to best practices and player preference where possible. Minor fret adjustments and repairs to other items at our discretion. All instruments will receive a complete cleaning & polishing including clean and oil fretboard where applicable and polish frets. 

All instruments set-up as above will receive one (1) year free truss-rod adjustments at our discretion.  If you suspect your action (string height) has changed due to seasonal weather cycles, please bring it by the shop at your convenience and we will check and adjust it if necessary while-u-wait, free of charge.    (back to Top)

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