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  The image below is the same guitar as above;

this is what Warren's 1972 SG Custom looked like when he gave it to us. It also had a a couple of cracks in the neck...





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The factory did not make an instrument exactly as Warren wanted. He asked us to create his ultimate custom guitar. It probably would have been easier to make him a new guitar!








You can see the cracks in the body near the controls. They went away with the top 1/2-inch of the guitar.









First we had to remove the original fingerboard, which would not come off using heat. In Fig.2 at left we routed it off.








Then using the same rig, we routed 1/2-inch off the top of the body. Fig.3







When I find the pictures I'll show how we fitted the new top.



Here you can see what it looked like when we had glued the top and fingerboard on and beveled the edges.

Fig 4.



After making the new fingerboard we had to repair the surface of the neck below where the original board sat. We laminated a piece of mahogany veneer over the bare neck to clean up the old surface and provide a solid base to glue the new board to.




Here is the guitar wih the board fitted but not glued, just before we sent it out to Robinson Inlays for a custom design requested by Warren.




Next we dry-fitted the fingerboard one last time before gluing it, installing the frets and applying binding to trim the edges.










Larry's inlay artistry is certainly a spectacular way to dress up any instrument .

Much more to come soon!