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Here are shots of Nathaniel's grandfather's guitar before and after we refurbished it. Both the top and back were coming off the body.

1939 Richter - Before 1939 Richter - After complete restoration

The top was split in two places (below left), the back was split, every inner brace was loose (center) and we had to reglue them all.

It was necessary to first glue the back braces to one half of the back, then glue them to the other half while gluing the two halves together. (Below)

I didn't have enough clamps to do all the braces at once!

Amazingly, it didn't fold up into a ball when I tried medium gauge strings on it, but it couldn't really take the strain. The neck was bowing too much (no truss rod) so we went with Xtra-Lights. Even so, this very light weight guitar still has incredible volume and tone.

Sometimes you can't afford a total restoration, or the instrument isn't worth putting a lot of money into.  We will plan our repairs based on your needs.  A broken old "no-name" guitar that your grandpa used to play is still worth something to you.

This 1939 Richter required us to reglue every single brace inside the guitar.

Then, after we strung it up, we discovered that the neck was warped beyond what heat straightening could repair.

We removed frets and planed the fingerboard to correct the warp, then replaced the original frets after staining the board to match.

The guitar was brought in by the grandson of the original owner, who had passed away. After we got it playing again, he brought his dad in to see it. The look on Dad's face was something I'll remember forever.

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