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Kent Armstrong® Pickups

Performance AND Value

Kluson Guitar Hardware

Proudly representing this legendary brand since 1994
  Mercury Magnetics® Transformers Premium Amplifier Transformers - The Best of The Best
  Seymour Duncan Pickups One of several lines of high quality pickups we carry Our client and friend Patrick in Prague
  L.R. Baggs® Acoustic Pickups Our Friends For Over 25 Years
  Deering® Banjos The Twang's The Thang - Greg & Janet got it RIGHT
  Ovation® They are back, and we still represent their service department.
  Hipshot® Products B-benders, Drop-D Tuners and much much more
  FENDER® Custom Shop TOP GEAR is an exclusive Custom Care Service Center
  DiMarzio® Pickups

Dan was a vice-president there from 1975 to 1985


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Serious Guise

 A Seriously Fun Rock & Roll Band

Private Domain      Rockin' Originals and Covers That Don't Suck
Leigh Taylor Tunes     One of our oldest friends, and one talented dude!
The Hacienda Brothers    The Sound Of Western Soul
Ron's Garage    Definitely Not Your Average Garage Band
The Farmers    Country Dick & Buddy Are Gone But The Beat Farmers Rock On
Alex Watts    Pickin' and-a Grinnin' & Playin' Some Good Old Country Music
Billy Midnight    Makes You Homesick For A Home You Never Had
Taylor Harvey Band    A '72 GTO With Flames On The Side

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