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A long time ago we had re-done an instrument for Graham. When he found this orphaned Firebird it was in VERY sad shape!








The control area had been damaged severely and then original control holes were filled (we returned it to original specs).

Someone had hacked up the treble pickup cavity to fit a full-sized humbucker (we returned it to original specs)..

The original Tun-a-Matic bridge and tailpiece were removed and the body was drilled for a hardtail bridge & string-thru anchors which were later abandoned.

The customer wanted a one-piece bridge-tailpiece so we recommended the excelent Hipshot Baby Grand for this project.

It appeared to have been painted black by someone who knew just enough about painting to cover up the mishaps but leave lots of evidence that things were "not right"!

Graham loves the Gibson "Silverburst" finish, so we were happy to give it to him. We';d say it was a fantastic choice. We even saved the serial number!

Another happy customer!