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Tim will listen to your ideas, provide you with suggestions,
and build what YOU want.  What's YOUR fantasy?

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Brad liked his old 4-input Marshall ® , but he wanted a smoother overdrive and a more useful set of controls and channel switching. Plus, it was looking a bit tired, sooo...

With the inclusion of a pentode/triode switch, this slick rig puts out either 25 or 50 watts of creamy tones.

Like the tolex...


My very first walk-in customer Al C. still uses TOP GEAR as a resource.

           -Thanks Al!

He had always wanted a stereo power amp that sounded like a Fender, but they never made one, so Tim did!

50 watts per channel of pure clean tone, built by hand from scratch. Original equipment transformers are used in this design.

Not cheap, but right!