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A Sampling of Letters We've Received

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Ben gave us his departed Grandpa's old Martin parlor guitar which had some serious internal issues. We repaired the inner bridge reinforcement and restored it to normal playing action. Ben's Gram was happy to see it put to good use again.

This next letter was sent to us by Sal, whose Marshall head was restored by Tim.

(click the blue text to see this amazing rescue of a burnt amp that got caught in a house fire)

Hey Tim,

Just wanted to say I'm beyond satisfied regarding the restoration work on my '79 JMP. Since I've plugged it back in I play it everyday. The tubes are perfect, the effects loop is impressive (I'm running a Chandler Digital Echo through it), and the new covering...all really add to the vibe of the amp (I can't believe the thing's almost 30 years old!). 

It's the tone I've been listening for. Thank you again for doing an impeccable job.