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Don't throw away that charred and scorched JMP Marshall!

Sal brought us his Marshall that had been pulled out of a fire and said, "Help!"

When Sal's smoking Marshall was pulled from the fire they had to rip off the covering and put out the fire that was smoldering in the cabinet.

Tim stripped all the old covering and sanded & filled the voids where he dug out the charred wood.

He custom fitted new covering from a sheet of original Marshall cloth, and refurbished the rear grille and installed new white piping. Most of the original hardware was used.

While he was at it, Sal asked for an F/X loop, which Tim designed and installed using all tube circuitry with separate IN and OUT level controls.

When he saw his restored amp, Sal was speechless!

A few days later we received this email note:

Hey Tim,

Just wanted to say I'm beyond satisfied regarding the restoration work on my '79 JMP. Since I've plugged it back in I play it everyday. The tubes are perfect, the effects loop is impressive (I'm running a Chandler Digital Echo through it), and the new covering...all really add to the vibe of the amp (I can't believe the thing's almost 30 years old!). 

It's the tone I've been listening for. Thank you again for doing an impeccable job.