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When an off-the-rack instrument will not fulfill your needs...

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Glen (who also owns the black Les Paul we inlaid & refinished) brought us his custom koa-bodied Tele.












The finish had begun to deteriorate so during the refinish process he took the opportunity to have us do some custom upgrades.









The most obvious is that we inlaid paua abalone and black & white striped purfling on the front edge of the body.











Once that was done we sanded it down to level it and remove the old finish.




















We also contoured the back of the heel for easier access to the higher registers.














We replaced the plain white dots with paua abalone position markers on the fingerboard, and added some custom knobs by Q-Parts. I put an abalone dot in the top of his switch tip for good measure!




Over the years we had installed LSR locking tuners, the Buzz Feiten compensated tuning system, and GraphTech String Saver Classic stainless steel saddles. Along with some Lindy Fralin custom pickups, Glen's Tele is now the fulfillment of a dream...